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A world leader in business services in the areas of cleaning, maintenance of facilities and logistics, ISS has been working with Andjaro since 2018 and uses our platform at 150 sites.

  • 500 000 employees
  • 77 countries

Industry : services for businesses and communities


The ISS group was committed to promoting internal mobility to

  • Optimise staffing of its teams according to needs and assignments
  • Reduce its interim budget
  • Allow employees who are willing to complete their part-time work through assignments within the organisation
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Why Andjaro?

A management platform for the one-off reallocation of personnel between sites within the same organisation allowing

  • Managers at overstaffed sites to make willing staff members available
  • Site managers who are temporarily understaffed or facing a peak of activity, to utilise employees who best match their needs to strengthen their teams


  • 150 equipped sites
  • Increased mobility
  • Managers who can adjust the size of their teams to their needs…
  • …using staff trained in ISS procedures.
  • Satisfied employees…
  • …who can work additional hours
  • …and enrich their experience and their CV!