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Andjaro meets your business continuity, flexibility, and operational management challenges by offering a 360° view of the available staff in your HR ecosystem.

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Industry and service leaders trust us to manage their replacements

Your all-in-one platform to manage staffing needs

Flexibility without precariousness

Streamline one-off and urgent replacements in understaff situations: quickly reach the available profiles within your organization to ensure business continuity!



Manage your extended community of workers: create your own pools and offer regular assignments in real time: fixed-term contracts, flying employees, self-employed, temp workers…

Vision en temps réel


Farewell to HR administrative workload
with a digitalized and automated experience. Andjaro easily interfaces with your existing HRIS systems : payroll, ERP, planning, HRIS...

Amélioration de la productivité


Get forecasts on activity, absenteeism and priority staff needs in the field thanks to projection and forecasting monitoring dashboards with figures.

Recruitement software for all sectors

Andjaro helps to improve business continuity


"At around 8:30-8:40 at the most, everyone is in place. We can gain up to 2,5 hours! Today, if you tell the constituency secretaries who manage the replacements, that we have experimented with Andjaro and that we are stopping, they will cry! Because they only have, at most, one or two phone calls to make in the morning as opposed to a hundred previously. And usually the students see the substitutes arrive much sooner than they used to."

Fabien Decle
Secretary General of the Direction des Services de l'Education Nationale de la Somme
Sophie Vallat

"Employees with permanent contracts who wish to work overtime can report their availability independently. Andjaro provides true transparency and accuracy of information. An employee situation can change and we have a precise view of each person's availability in real time. The platform also allows us to better anticipate replacements by qualifying staff. All the people who wish to work on a fixed-term contract within the group are better listed, as well as the candidates who send us their CVs for one-off assignments. With instant visibility of all available resources, our facilities spend less time interviewing and writing ads."

Sophie Vallat
Mobility and Recruitment Manager La Poste Group
Sebastien Haquette

"Our job center was working in a basic way on Excel. Facing a large volume of absences, we quickly needed to better manage day-to-day requests to match a health site with an available employee and gain in productivity. Where we would have needed 40 people to manage certain exceptions, Andjaro is a real facilitator for us!"

Sébastien Haquette
Director of FM & Hospitality Operations Elior Services Ile-de-France
Martin Bustarret Directeur général adjoint en charge de la Stratégie et de la Transformation Compass Group France

"Andjaro is first and foremost an HR and social gain: we are able to get our employees to work as much as possible, to keep them in the company and to better value them. In addition, the mobility between the different sites allows for an exchange of best practices and an opening up to other ways of doing things. As Andjaro's interface is intuitive, getting used to it is not a problem. Today, after having deployed the tool throughout France, we are seeing interest from other European countries. In the end, Andjaro gives us the means to go beyond what we had planned, with new opportunities and ideas."

Martin Bustarret
Deputy Managing Director in charge of Strategy and Transformation of Compass Group France
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Fosway Group
Core Leader in the 9-Grid™ Cloud HR
Andjaro moves from "Solid Performer" to "Core Leader" in the Fosway Group 9-Grid™  Cloud HR 2022 edition.
Gartner Cool Vendor 2021
Cool Vendor by Gartner
Andjaro is the only European player named in the Gartner 2021 Human Capital Management report.

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