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A world leader in the cosmetics industry, Benefit Cosmetics operates in more than 30 countries across the globe and has more than 2000 stores! Benefit Cosmetics has been working with Andjaro since 2018 and uses our platform for 210 of their BrowBars in France:

  • 3000 Employees
  • 2000 Stores

Industry : retail


Sales assistant facing:

  • Unexpected absences disrupting the organisation of in-store teams
  • Teams temporarily short-staffed struggling to bring high quality service to their customers
  • Employees asking for additional hours in other parts of the Group
Make-up artist
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Why Andjaro?

A platform for managing secondment and part-time positions in real time allowing

  • Employees to communicate in real time their availability to work additional hours
  • Managers to fill absences in real time by identifying all available employees internally who have volunteered and are already trained for the job

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