Our team


Photo de Quentin Guilluy

Quentin Guilluy

Co-founder & CEO

Photo de Ivan de Pontevès

Ivan de Pontevès

Co-founder & VP of Strategic Partnerships


Photo de Abel Delhommeau

Abel Delhommeau

Customer Success Officer

Photo de Alexandre Blanc

Alexandre Blanc

Functional Consultant

Photo de Alizée Gueuder

Alizée Gueuder

Customer Partner

Photo de Chloé Dembele

Chloé Dembele

Project Manager

Photo de Eva Rabier

Eva Rabier

Customer Engagement Manager

Photo de Guillaume Kauffer

Guillaume Kauffer

Head of Customer Partners

Photo de Hubert Giroud

Hubert Giroud

Head of Professional Services

Photo of Julie Clain

Julie Clain

Implementation Consultant

Photo de Justin Masnière

Justin Masnière

Key Account Manager

Photo de Justus Geist

Justus Geist

VP of Operations

Photo de Karla Mondragon

Karla Mondragon

Customer Engagement Officer

Photo de Lucie Le Guennec

Lucie Le Guennec

Global Account Manager

Photo de Lucile Gandon

Lucile Gandon

Project Manager

Photo de Magali Geffroy

Magali Geffroy

Customer Partner

Photo de Raphaël Birotheau

Raphaël Birotheau

Functional Consultant

Photo de Rebecca Fenlon

Rebecca Fenlon

Head of Customer Success UK

Photo de Samuel Passicot

Samuel Passicot

Customer Support Officer

Photo of Sarah Marchal

Sarah Marchal

Business Operations Manager

Photo de Séverine Delcourt

Séverine Delcourt

Customer Engagement Officer

Product & IT

Photo de Alain Germain

Alain Germain

Technical Support

Photo de Aleksandr Beliaev

Aleksandr Beliaev

Senior FullStack Engineer

Photo of Anthony Diard

Anthony Diard

VP Product

Photo de Christophe Haener

Christophe Haener

IT Manager

Photo de Claire Delys

Claire Delys

Product Owner

Photo de Cloé Feneau

Cloé Feneau

Product Owner

Photo de Dan Bunea

Dan Bunea

Tech Lead

Photo of Hugo Vieira

Hugo Vieira

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Photo of Jean-Baptiste Farez

Jean-Baptiste Farez


Photo de Julien Chatelain

Julien Chatelain

UI/UX Designer

Photo de Néhémie Grandjean

Néhémie Grandjean

Full Stack Developer

Photo de Nicolas Decosterd

Nicolas Decosterd

Full Stack Developer

Photo de Riivo Roose

Riivo Roose

Tech Lead

Photo de Sébastien Varlet

Sébastien Varlet

VP Engineering

Photo de Stacie Kith

Stacie Kith

Full Stack Developer

Photo de Steeve Pommier

Steeve Pommier

Full Stack Developer

Marketing & Business Development

Photo de Clara Leroy

Clara Leroy

Enterprise Sales Manager

Photo de Clément Comoglio

Clément Comoglio

Presales Consultant

Photo de Delphine Hang-Golden

Delphine Hang-Golden

Chief Marketing Officer

Photo de Edouard Brucker

Edouard Brucker

Enterprise Sales Manager

Photo of François Neveu

François Neveu

Enterprise Sales Manager

Photo de Geordie Sinclair

Geordie Sinclair

Sales Development Representative UK

Photo de Isabelle Rouquier

Isabelle Rouquier

Enterprise Sales Manager

Photo de James Lawrence

James Lawrence

Head of Sales UK

Photo de Lison Sorin

Lison Sorin

Presales Consultant

Photo de Makram Mersni

Makram Mersni

Enterprise Sales Manager

Photo de Ninon Rys

Ninon Rys

Content & Events Manager

Photo de Salim Kedir

Salim Kedir

Sales Development Representative

Photo de Thibault Husson

Thibault Husson

Sales Development Representative

Photo de Thomas Minguy

Thomas Minguy

Head of Lead Generation

Photo de Xavier Guérin

Xavier Guérin

VP of Sales


Photo de Mandy Touitou

Mandy Touitou

Head of Finance

Photo de Mélina Gourden

Mélina Gourden

Office Manager

Photo de Romain Facchin

Romain Facchin

Talent Acquisition Manager

Photo de Wafa Nakkache

Wafa Nakkache

Executive Assistant

Photo de Zoé Languette

Zoé Languette

HR Manager