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As a world leader in services to companies, administrations and communities, Sodexo has been working with Andjaro since February 2017 and uses our platform in nearly 600 restaurants.

  • 425 594 employees
  • 80 countries

Industry : large scale catering

"Andjaro helps us to optimise our total payroll. Before resorting to agency workers we can spot over-staffed teams and second an employee internally to bolster an understaffed team at a different site. This fast employee deployment solution generates a significant ROI"

Isabelle Couture, Director Employment Development and Mobility, Sodexo


The Sodexo group faced three issues:

  • Temporary lulls in activity at restaurants with underused employees
  • Restaurants with temporary surges in activity, looking for employees to supplement their teams
  • Numerous requests for temporary workers to cope with the fluctuations in activity
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Why Andjaro?

Andjaro is a management platform for the one-off reallocation of personnel between sites within the same organisation allowing restaurant managers to

  • Move an employee from a quiet restaurant to one which is understaffed
  • Quickly draw from a pool of external staff run by the organisation


  • 550 restaurants equipped
  • 6,000 employees enabled on our platform
  • Increased mobility
  • Optimised adjustment of the workforce in real time with employees trained to the organisation’s current standards
  • More effective management of the external staffing pool
  • Satisfied employees…
  • … who benefit from a secondment bonus…
  • … and enrich their experience and their CV!

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