Our solution

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A unique marketplace dedicated to your organisation

  • Post your staffing needs directly on the platform
  • Make your employees available or let them post their availability themselves
  • Link to your preferred temporary work agencies directly on the platform

A unique algorithm

Représentation de l'algorithme de matching en temps réel
  • Staffing requirements
  • Employees available in your group
  • Matching in real time
  • Prioritising types of resources
  • Calculation of travel times, additional hours, number of days
  • Generation of legal documents and sending payroll documentation

A mobile and web solution for your managers

  • Post your staff needs with just two clicks
  • Very simple staff provision
  • Digitalisation of administrative documents and automatic charging back between managers
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Application mobile collaborateur

A dedicated application for your employees

  • Your part-time employees volunteer for additional hours
  • Your contractors indicate their availability and confirm their job offers directly on the app
  • SMS reminders and shift changes

A macro view to manage your workforce in real time

  • Real-time view of staff movements
  • Statistics of reallocation rates
  • Prioritisation of assignments that can be set according to your business criteria
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We help manage change in your organisation

  • Andjaro dedicates a resource internally to the coordination of the platform in your organisation
  • Onboarding and day to day management of your managers
  • Personalised weekly reporting based on your business needs

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