Looking for cover for an employee on leave?

Find an available staff member in-house

Simon, a part-time employee in your organisation wants to work additional hours

Find an available staff member in-house

Charlotte, a colleague whose area is currently overstaffed, can lend you a staff member

Find an available staff member in-house

Judith is a temporary worker who is already used to working in your organisation

Find a staff member available internally:

James is a floating employee for temp assignments

With Andjaro, find available internal staff in just two minutes!

Andjaro is a management platform for one-off redeployment of personnel between sites within the same organisation

Trusted by industry leaders

Our clients are large organisations that use Andjaro on a daily basis to tailor the deployment of their staff to their current activities


Why Andjaro?

Maximising the mobility of your internal resources is beneficial on all levels