Our vision

  • Uberisation, job insecurity, automation of jobs previously done by a human… the digital transformation of the organisations is today seen as an emerging threat to an individuals’ place in the world of work and carries with it a sense of loss and powerlessness, and begins with those who are at the heart of operations and production.
  • However, this profound transformation of organisations has also become necessary for companies exposed to a real talent war, which must constantly evolve and adapt to an increasingly competitive and open market.
  • Balancing payroll optimisation and operational reliability, HR performance and quality of life at work, cost reduction and employee satisfaction – these are the daily challenges that large companies face, requiring practical and helpful solutions
  • It is in response to these challenges that Alexandre, Benoît, Ivan and Quentin decided to create Andjaro almost 3 years ago.
  • We had to initiate the project, turn it around, then continue to innovate to better serve our customers and achieve our goal: optimising the workforce management of large groups while reconciling flexibility and quality of life at work to enable each employee to thrive professionally.
  • Thanks to our unique, solid positioning on the market, we have already generated more than 120,000 staff transfers and 10 million euros of savings for our customers in 2017.
  • We made our ascent as a team alongside all the people who contribute to this great adventure on a daily basis.
L'équipe Andjaro en 2018


  • OuiTeam started to make itself known to HR professionals. ISS, Dalkia, Schiever, Matsuri and many others are launching our solution in their teams.
  • The company then raised 5 million euros from SAP and Balderton, and became Andjaro.
  • It took advantage of this opportunity to invest in its technology: the product now allows part-time, fixed-term contract and inter-contract employees to receive offers for assignments internally.
  • Andjaro also had the opportunity to begin operations in the United Kingdom to continue its beautiful story.


  • The start-up then sought to validate its model with other activities.
  • Then, Sodexo, ENGIE, and Crèche Attitude tested and deployed the service
  • The rapid expansion of the solution with customers confirms the hypotheses: the problem of operational staffing exists in all sectors, and the product meets a key need

Alexandre, Benoit, Ivan et Quentin en 2017
L'équipe OuiTeam en 2016


  • The expertise acquired in the interim allowed the four founders to understand the issues facing these major organisations.
  • No need for additional temporary workers, they wanted to capitalise on their permanent workforce: reliable, trained personnel who adhere to the values of their employer. In June, OuiTeam changed direction: the company changed its business model and created what it then called a “secondment platform”.
  • Elior, Groupe Flo and AccorHotels were the first to test drive the system.
  • This eventful year full of twists and turns ended in December with a fundraiser to raise one million euros from Kima Ventures and business angels


  • Founded by Alexandre, Benoit, Ivan and Quentin, Andjaro started on 3 August 2015, under the name OuiTeam.
  • Their goal: to digitise temporary work in the hotel and catering industry, make it more accessible and more reliable!
  • A first shift towards Key Account customers in October gave them a better understanding of the issues facing the giants of the sector

Benoit en 2015