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An organisation specialising in the creation and management of nurseries on behalf of companies and local authorities, Crèche Attitude has been working with Andjaro since September 2017 and uses our platform at more than 50 nurseries.

  • 3 countries

Industry : personal services


The Crèche Attitude group wanted to encourage in-house mobility to

  • Manage staffing to best meet to the needs of nurseries and allow under-staffed establishments to supplement their teams quickly
  • Fill part-time positions with willing employees and retain them
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Why Andjaro?

A platform for managing secondment and part-time positions in real time allowing

  • Nursery managers to call on willing staff to bolster their team
  • HR managers to closely manage teams and part-time staff
  • The organisation to promote values of mutual assistance and sharing through a digital tool


  • 50 equipped nurseries
  • 600 employees enabled on our platform
  • Recruitment of a mobile team assigned to replacements
  • Increased mobility
  • A collaborative tool that reinforces mutual assistance between nurseries
  • Satisfied employees…
  • …who benefit from additional hours…
  • … and enrich their experience and their CV!